Culture Driven Remote Working Software.

As workforces move to a remote model, ensuring connection and engagement becomes an essential consideration for most businesses. Email is ineffective. This calls for community, culture, and connection.

These sound familiar?


This move to remote working has been too fast and too broad for us to catch up. How can tech help us?


Email was failing us when we were all together. Now we’re apart, it’s even worse.


Many of our employees are remote with no email or corporate device. How do we ensure they are in the loop and can interact?

How Can Workvivo Help?

We provide engaged communication to every person in the workforce. We connect and provide a sense of community to everyone. Organizations that get this right in a new remote working world will be the ones who succeed. Get ahead of the curve.

Communication and Notification

Ensure important information is instantly broadcast to everyone, regardless of where they work, on any device. No email address required.

A Familiar, Social Experience

Leverage the experience of social media to ensure your remote employees are connected and engaged with their colleagues and their organziation. Our platform centers on a personal activity feed, the ‘go-to’ place for all your employees, allowing them to experience community.

Bridging the Physical Gap

Being part of something is important for everyone. Seeing colleagues interact, seeing executive leadership engage, seeing people being recognized, even seeing the latest videos in the pets space! It all contributes to bridging the physical gap for remote workers and keeping your organization whole.

Measure Remote Engagement

Analyze your social-centric communications, together with engagement through activity measurement and pulse surveys. Compare the experiences of workplace employees and their remote peers to ensure you’re on the right track and correct if necessary.

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Matthew Corbett
Internal Communication Business Partner, TELUS International

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