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The Employee Experience Podcast Ep. 11

HR Tech Conference Retrospective: The State of Employee Experience Today

This is a special HR Tech episode on The Employee Experience Podcast

Gideon Pridor, CMO of Workvivo spoke to the Top Voices at the largest HR Tech conference in the world getting a pulse of the state of HR tech and the Employee Experience today.

On this retrospective episode we hear from HR leaders, analysts, thought leaders, and practitioners as they shed some light on the greatest struggles and innovations they see in the market today:


Gustavo Serbía, Vice President HR at Haircuttery

Lance Haun, VP Market Insights at the Starr Conspiracy

Laura Faith, Sr. Director, People Experience and Operations at Uber

Noel McMullan, CHRO at Premier Roofing Company

Rebecca Wettemann, CEO at Valoir

Anna Carlson, Global People and Organization Development at Tapestry

Dan George, CPO at Jump Crew

Brent Skinner, co-founder at 3Sixty Insights & Jennifer Dole, Director at 3Sixty Insights

Serge Boudreau, Podcast Host at The Recruitment Flex

Chad Sowash & Joel Cheeseman, Podcast Hosts at the Chad and Cheese Podcast

Guests so far on Season 1 of The Employee Experience Podcast include:

Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media, on building the best human empire
Leslie Caputo, People Scientist at Humu, on empowering people to improve themselves
Gary Keegan, CEO at Uppercut, on the secret to elevating performance (Part One)
Gary Keegan, CEO at Uppercut, on the secret to elevating performance (Part Two)
Niamh Gunn, CEO of the Dialogue Code, on creating a workplace for Humane Leadership
Scott McInnes, Founder of Inspiring Change, on engaging people to build a great culture
Dave Ulrich, the father of Modern HR on shaping how people and organizations deliver value
Stan Slap, Author and CEO on the secrets to building a world-class company culture
Ryan Jenkins, bestselling Author on how to decrease loneliness at work

The people behind the voices

Gideon Pridor

CMO and Chief Storyteller, Workvivo

Gideon is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of growing disruptive startups into global leaders that redefine their markets. Before Workvivo (and after a well-deserved sabbatical) Gideon was VP of Marketing at TravelPerk, one of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, Perfecto (acquired by Perforce), and others.

Gideon is a frequent speaker at industry events, an HR tech enthusiast, and a startup mentor helping companies build their story and tell it to the world.

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