vivowire22 – How Workvivo Helped Stanford Navigate the New Way of Working

9 Mar 2022

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Carmen Allison

Chief Human Resources Officer @ Hoover Institute at Stanford

Jen Jordan-Engel

Customer Experience @ Workvivo

We hosted our flagship global future of work event, vivowire22, on March 9th — two years after the biggest shift in our workplace in living memory.

The event, which saw 2000+ forward-thinking executives across HR and internal communications come together, featured global experts from industry and academia including Stanford University, Slack, and Sifted to reflect on what’s working at work – and what’s not.

In our third vivowire22 talk of the day, we hosted a live customer case study with Carmen Allison, Chief Human Resources Officer at the Hoover Institute at Stanford. The talk was expertly moderated by Workvivo’s Customer Experience extraordinaire, Jen Jordan-Engel, with Allison lavishing praise on Workvivo for the positive impact it has had on Hoover.

“Workvivo gives everyone a sense of belonging and allows everyone to celebrate their cultures however they see fit.”