The Employee Communication Platform

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An employee communication app to engage everyone, everywhere

Improve how your employees communicate with the Workvivo communication platform.
#1 Rated Employee App Globally

Meaningful comms is at the heart of the employee experience, everything else is secondary

Reimagine the experience of consuming information

A personalized activity feed enabling people to interact with posts, company news and shout-outs. People are informed, connected and engaged, no matter where they are.

Endless ways to communicate with colleagues

Everybody likes to consume information differently: podcasts, livestream, articles, social posts and comments. Consume and engage with the content in your own time, with no distractions.

Instantly reach
everyone with a click

Engagement analytics identify those missing out on important corporate messages so you can utilise the push notification feature to ensure that everyone receives critical messages on time.

Feel closer to the leadership team

Leadership can create deeper connections with employees by expressing themselves through a variety of media.

Workvivo is designed to create a more connected and inclusive work culture

Engage everyone, everywhere

From back office to frontline, and from the CEO to the intern, Workvivo places engaged communication at everyone’s fingertips.

Amplify company goals & values

Ensure company goals and values are communicated in a remote workforce.

Reach everyone in the company

With the People Directory, you now have everyone on speed dial, ensuring you can connect with the right people.

Enhance team communication

Say goodbye to silos by enabling seamless communication between departments.

Promote two-way comms

Illicit feedback from employees through engagement surveys and polls.

Communicate through
Livestream and Podcast

Enable staff to consume company messages through modern formats for higher engagement rates.

Improve leadership visibility

Leadership can forge deeper connections with employees by expressing themselves through a variety of media.

Familiar social experience

The personal activity feed enables employees to communicate and remain informed on activity across the organization.

Measure engaged comms

Analyze your communications and engagement through activity measurement.

Bring your organization closer together today