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9 Alternatives to Workplace from Meta for Increasing Team Engagement

Lisa Ardill

Content Editor at Workvivo

22 Jan 2024

facebook alternatives.

Workplace from Meta (or as you’re probably used to seeing it, Workplace by Facebook) gets a lot of attention as an option for a social intranet that helps keep employees engaged.

But is this platform really all that it’s made out to be?

It does have some useful features – that is true – but there are also many alternatives out there that could be a better fit depending on your organization’s needs. That’s why we’ve put this list together. Below, you’ll find a great selection of Workplace from Meta alternatives that offer unique features and tools.

1) Workvivo

What sets Workvivo apart from Workplace by Meta? To start, Workvivo is a purpose-built social intranet. And as a social intranet, it gives employees a place to share files, collaborate, and do work-related tasks and offers a variety of social elements that keep everyone engaged.

By contrast, Workplace by Meta is essentially a recycled version of Facebook. It’s been rebuilt and re-positioned to target a professional audience rather than Facebook’s general audience.

This means that with Workvivo, you’ll enjoy features made specifically with productivity, collaboration, and engagement in mind. It integrates easily with many of today’s most popular human resources and productivity systems, which makes Workvivo a centralized hub that brings everyone together. It also focuses on company values while helping you recognize and celebrate employees doing amazing things!

On top of all of that, you’ll gain access to powerful analytics, which will help you track engagement, culture amplification, and more. This kind of information will help you make continuous improvements to your Workvivo intranet. All in all, Workvivo is an excellent choice for businesses of all kinds, from small businesses to the enterprise level.

Standout features and benefits

  • Deploy effective internal communications via campaigns and a content calendar
  • Access from anywhere via mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Use podcasts and live streaming as an engaging alternative way to communicate
  • Integrate with popular human resources and productivity systems
  • Recognize employees for accomplishments and achievements
  • Create and share content that promotes leadership transparency
  • Hold surveys and gather feedback to improve engagement and company culture
  • Use analytics to create a more engaging, more useful employee experience
  • Protect company and employee information with comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), including ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance. 

2) Happeo

Where Workplace is more like a social media platform for companies and their employees, Happeo is designed to be a social intranet that also serves as a company hub. As such, you can use Happeo to create wikis, a knowledge base, to share files, and more. It works for businesses of all sizes.

Happeo is a communication-centric platform that places a lot of emphasis on shareable content like news updates and ideas. As such, Happeo gives you tools to make shared content more engaging. You can use templates to share information, and you can also create a rich media experience by adding videos, Google Docs, Microsoft files, and other kinds of media to your content.

With analytics, you can track how people interact with content, which helps you discover new ways to improve engagement and make your intranet even more useful.

Standout features and benefits

  • Create pages, channels, or articles to share news and information
  • Use keywords to make content easily searchable
  • Integrate with Microsoft 365, Slack, Jira, and other apps
  • Reduce internal email communications with Happeo’s content-sharing tools.

3) Simpplr

Simpplr is an all-in-one social intranet platform that is designed to address a variety of needs. On the social side of things, Simpplr lets you create a centralized hub for sharing news and information. Get the latest updates via the homepage and news feed, or follow specific internal sites and people to get targeted information and updates.

With this, Simpplr allows users to rate content, which is a step above the surveys offered on Meta. This tool lets you gauge how users respond to news and updates, which can give you valuable insights on how to proceed with things like shifts in company policy or vision.

Another area where Simpplr shines above Workplace is that you can use this platform to create a virtual headquarters. Share files, find apps, and access everything employees need to be more productive. It’s a good choice for teams and organizations up to the enterprise level that need better content management.

Standout features and benefits

  • Use prescriptive analytics to improve employee experiences
  • Curate a unique experience for each employee using adaptive personalization
  • Integrate with many of today’s top productivity and business tools
  • Use smart search tools to easily locate news, information, and other types of content.

4) Igloo Software

Igloo is a great choice for enterprises since it offers a lot in the way of both security and customization. Not only is the platform itself secure, but you can also add authentication to logins, which helps keep your information safe.

In terms of intranet features, Igloo has a robust toolset. You can use it to create wikis and share company information. It’s also a great Workplace alternative because Igloo offers project management features, too. You can create departmental or team hubs to collaborate on projects, create custom dashboards to access information easily, and use task-tracking tools to keep everyone on task and up to date.

Standout features and benefits

  • Integrate with Microsoft, Slack, Dropbox, and other leading tools
  • Create searchable, in-depth wikis for projects, departments, and more
  • Use custom dashboards to provide easy access to information and tools
  • Manage projects with task-tracking features and collaboration spaces for teams.

5) SharePoint

SharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to Workspace by Meta – and if you’re familiar with Microsoft 365 apps, it will look familiar to you. Sharepoint makes it easy to create an internal website so that you can share company news and other information. 

You can also use it for team communication and file sharing, plus it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 apps. It’s a good choice for small to medium businesses that need a simple set of tools for sharing and collaboration.

Standout features and benefits

  • Create team sites for every team and department
  • Share files, data, news, resources, and more
  • Customize team sites to make workflows easier for individual teams
  • Connect via PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

6) Interact

Interact is an enterprise-grade solution that beats out Workplace in its sheer number of features. This is a people-first platform that supports communication in various ways. Create homepages so individuals can follow each other and provide updates, build communities around certain topics or projects, create a forum for discussion, or use the broadcasting features to leverage multi-channel communications.

With that, Interact also offers integrations with today’s top enterprise tools. You can use social intranet features to build engagement and rely on analytics to improve performance over time.

Standout features and benefits

  • Create homepages for team members, teams, and departments
  • Develop communities for team collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Build forums for discussions, ideation, and more
  • Use personalization features to let each employee customize their experience.

7) Staffbase

Staffbase has a couple of key advantages over Workplace. To start, this platform is meant for enterprises and frontline workers. It’s billed as an intranet solution that unites entire organizations, from the back office to the frontline. As such, this is a good choice for internal communications.

Another advantage is that Staffbase offers employee email. It’s a platform with a robust set of tools for organizations that need an intranet and extensive communications tools via email, messaging, chats, and more.

Standout features and benefits

  • Email, app, group chat, and messaging offer many options for communications
  • Intranet allows for homepages and sharing company news
  • Integrations enable use with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365.

8) Jive Software

One of the things that makes Jive a great Workplace alternative is that it offers a unique “PeopleGraph” feature, a technology that maps relationships among team members. That means this intranet solution works well as a collaboration platform, communications platform, and enterprise social network. You can also create news feeds and blogs with video, plus set up notifications to inform people of time-sensitive updates.

Standout features and benefits

  • Use PeopleGraph to map team member relationships for streamlined communications
  • Enable notifications to inform people of new content in certain channels
  • Manage content, communications, and conversations within the platform’s inbox
  • Use collaboration tools to make project work flow smoothly.

9) eXo Platform

The eXo Platform stands out as one of the best alternatives to Facebook Workplace because it’s an open-source platform. The base platform offers all the standard features you’d expect in a collaboration app and social intranet (like tools to build a knowledge base, news feeds, and social tools). But with the modular, open-source architecture, you can do some serious customizing! Enterprises leverage this flexibility to create unique dashboards that provide access to the company news and updates, files, apps, and more that employees use every day.

Standout features and benefits

  • Open source platform allows for complete customization
  • Communicate via internal web pages, news feeds, and social messaging
  • Use collaboration software for video conferencing and real-time collaborating.

Revamp the employee experience with Workvivo

As you can see, there are a lot of options out there if you want an alternative to Workplace by Meta. Workvivo stands at the top as a user-friendly platform that offers all the functionality you need to keep employees engaged and up to date.

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Workplace from Meta is leaving the market and has named Workvivo by Zoom as its only preferred migration partner. Find out more here.


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