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Assembling Top-of-the-Line Internal Comms at Nordell

How a “slick, transparent comms tool” helped one UK manufacturer engage every one of its night shift employees and scale its operations.


Percentage of Nordell employees registered on Workvivo


Percentage of Nordell employees that login to Workvivo every month


Percentage of all-staff emails and postage eliminated

Plastics manufacturing and design refinement company

Nordell is a plastics manufacturing and design refinement company who provides injection moulding, assembly and other complimentary services. They employ almost 200 people, 30 of which are office-based with the remainder in manufacturing.

Daniel Grover, the company’s Head of Commercial, has a clear memory of what Nordell was like before Workvivo. Internal communications – one of the most critical aspects of staff satisfaction and retention in any industry – was non-existent. Employees had no specific intranet to visit for information and updates, and the tools they were using in an effort to turn things around were proving ineffective in terms of engagement and user-friendliness.

So, what did Daniel and his colleagues want to change? The main goal was to transform Nordell’s internal comms and, in turn, to drive transparency, a great company culture, and better real-time information.

The company also wanted to:

  • Ensure its ethos and strong business values were maintained through its comms strategy
  • Build two-way communication channels between employees and leadership
  • Give individual workers a platform to tell their stories and show and tell the wider company about their achievements.

Like many others, Nordell wanted a one-stop shop for employee communication and leadership messaging.

That’s why it chose Workvivo.










I have always felt that Workvivo is different to many of the supply relationships we have. It feels like we are an individual and working with friends.

Daniel Grover

Head of Commercial at Nordell

The One-Stop Shop Nordell Needed

Integrations have provided Nordell with the one-stop shop it needed. Workvivo makes it easy for the company to provide links to training and learning materials, and acts as a hub from which employees can access other Nordell apps that relate to HR, payslips, and more.

For a manufacturing company like Nordell, safety is always a top priority. Workvivo has helped Nordell become a safer workplace by giving the company an easy way to highlight and correct safety issues.

It’s also helped customer satisfaction; having Workvivo in place has led to improved use of CRM and a new customer care team being set up to improve Nordell’s service. The platform makes it easier to communicate customer issues to the wider team quickly.

Workvivo has also positively impacted onboarding at Nordell. Dan says, “It’s also a great way of onboarding as employees can check back on communications as well as see all their colleagues and their roles on the organization chart.”

HR has saved an hour every week by hosting policies, forms, and payslips on Workvivo. And for every new joiner at Nordell, the company is saving two hours by having all the background information they need available in a dedicated Space.

And that’s not all…

  • 62% are very aware of how their role contributes to what the company is trying to achieve
  • 72% are comfortable with voicing their views to their manager
  • 70% agree that the organization’s values are closely aligned with their own.

More streamlined communication and better engagement has even helped boost Nordell’s overall performance. Daniel says that “having a transparent comms tool internally” was of great interest when he presented Nordell’s case for Large Business of the Year at the Sussex Business Awards – which the company won.

CEO Paul Mason shared in a post on Workvivo in 2021 that the company had seen its best performance in any three-month period to date.

To date, 93% of employees at Nordell have registered on Workvivo. 67% return every week and 83% log on every month to get updates, post shout-outs, and read news articles about the company and their colleagues.

For team members who don’t have access to a smartphone or a laptop, the company has set up computers on site so that everyone can log in to Workvivo whenever they want. Such measures have helped Nordell’s employee retention rate, which currently stands at over 85%, and has made communicating across multiple sites, divisions, and shifts easier.

This info is accessible for the leadership team via monthly surveys, allowing them to monitor staff morale and address areas of dissatisfaction.


Percentage of Nordell employees registered on Workvivo


Percentage of Nordell employees that log on every month


Employee retention rate


Of staff are comfortable with voicing their views to their manager

No More Noticeboards

With the help of Workvivo, Nordell benefits from more reliable and far-reaching comms, even for those without email. In the past, it was difficult for leadership to determine whether notice boards had actually been read, and there was no way to send out push notifications.

Workvivo has replaced every single noticeboard in Nordell. This has saved the company money, as having a digital comms forum has meant spending less on organizing and updating multiple physical noticeboards, but also time; around two hours each week and 100 hours of annual resourcing annually by having one central point of information.

“Gone are the out-of-date notices pinned to the notice boards, often missed by the team! What we have now is a slick communication tool that all employees sign up to for free on joining.”

Engaging the Night Shift

One of the biggest pain points for the manufacturing company was engaging night staff and driving real-time communication between employees on different shifts.

In 2020, the company had over 60 employees working Monday to Friday. Today, that number has increased to more than 190 employees working across four shifts – and Workvivo has made a huge difference.

“We would have been in a whole world of pain without Workvivo. We would have no way to communicate with everyone.

“For the first time ever, we’ve engaged 100% of night staff. We’ve never engaged more than 20% of night staff on anything.”

Nordell’s Favorite Workvivo Features

Nordell employees make great use of the Badges feature, assigning them for such achievements as Mental Health Ally and Health & Safety Champion

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Looking Back on Nordell’s Workvivo Journey So Far

Looking back on Nordell’s Workvivo journey so far, Daniel sees the app as a central part of the company’s story.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since we first got going with Workvivo. Without Workvivo, I don’t believe we could have achieved what we have achieved. It has definitely made communication so much easier.

We will soon become a four-site operation. A couple of years ago we only had one site. I always make sure I tell others our story and Workvivo is very much a part of that. That link to company values and kudos helps generate a culture.

I have always felt that Workvivo is different to many of the supply relationships we have. It feels like we are an individual and working with friends.

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