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Every company has values and goals, but how can you ensure that your employees are living those every day? That’s the foundation of sound company culture.

These sound familiar?


We worked hard to define and simplify our company values, but most employees couldn’t recite them back.


There is a delta between the culture we want and the culture we have. We just don’t know how to bridge this gap.


Culture is all about transparency and honest feedback from the workforce. That’s not easy to achieve for most organizations.

How Can Workvivo Help?

Our platform enables everyone to have a voice through engaged communication and a community experience. By closely associating daily activity to organizational goals and values, company culture is visible, accessible, and understandable to all.

Associate Goals and Values to Content

Any employee can associate organizational goals and value to content they post and share on the platform. This enables your employees and your business to see company culture lived day by day and over time.

Community Experience

Culture is formed and evolves through community. Through a highly social experience you can connect and engage employees within a community environment.

Everyone. Any Time. Anywhere.

Culture impacts and is impacted by everyone in the organization. Ensure that every employee can see your organizational values at work and how they relate to everyday activities.

Executive Transparency

Cultural values must be supported from the very top. Enabling all employees to see public examples of senior leadership living the cultural values of the business helps everyone understand their role in company culture too.

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"Culture is not something that happens by accident. Workvivo has been right at the center for us in how we've shaped our culture."
Mandy Kennedy
Head of Talent and Communication, Kentech

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