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Employees need to experience community, to be socially connected to each other, to their team, and to their organization. Helping people feel part of something bigger than themselves gives meaning. This is employee engagement.

These sound familiar?


We have so many ways for employees to communicate, but we still have low employee engagement.


We worked hard on our company goals and values, but I don’t believe our employees actually live them.


How can I make our employee engagement initiatives come to life? How can I ensure people are listening?

How Can Workvivo Help?

Our core mission is to engage the workforce and create a happier working environment.
We have developed capabilities in our employee engagement platform that directly address the engagement challenge. These work.

A Familiar, Social Experience

Leverage the experience of social media, where everything centers on a personal activity feed – a place where employees can see what’s happening across the business and actively contribute to the dialog.

Collaboration Through Community Spaces

From project teams to book clubs, providing communities of specific interest not only provides for higher productivity, it engages employees who can share relevant information with like-minded colleagues.

Leadership Transparency

Email is insufficient to convey leadership messages. Use multi-media to ensure important information is conveyed, is digested and is delivered, understood, and elicits public responses.

Public Peer Recognition

All employees respond positively to recognition, but they become highly engaged if that recognition is delivered publicly and everyone can easily share their approval.

Engage Everyone, Any Place, Any Time

Employee engagement must be directed to everyone in your organization. From back office to frontline, from the CEO to the intern. Use technology to put engaged communication at everyone’s fingertips.

Culture Amplification and Measurement

Make your company goals and values to be a part of your employee’s dialog and measure the impact. Tag content posts to cultural values so your workforce can see a clear link between daily interactions and company goals and values.

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"At TELUS International, our biggest asset is our people. Workvivo has been a vital ingredient in enhancing our employee experience and improving engagement for our business worldwide."
Steph Cooke
Internal Communications Manager, Voxpro - Powered by TELUS International

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